The 500th Anniversary of the
Reformation - 500 children's lives!
The project 500for500 is for children who are seriously ill or who find themselves in difficult life situations.
Join us!

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The boy on the photo is Svyatoslav. He is one of those children who get your sympathy at once. He is joyful and always smiling. We love him very much and try to support him as well. Svyatoslav’s mother has come to St.Petersburg from afar. Now they live together in a rented apartment. His mother ha...
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Nelli Ronzhina

When Nelli’s parents passed away, she and her sister were put in orphanages. But her sister was put in a common orphanage, when Nelli was put in a specialized one, because she was born before term and had developmental disorders. Nelli is blind. The girls were taken from the orphanages by their gr...
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Sasha Konstantinov

Sasha was born prematurely and was so tiny that he fit in the palm of his dad's hand. Now he has gotten stronger and has grown. His mom Elena says that now Sasha is trying to learn, and working with him is just a joy - he is engaging, cheerful and smiling. We have known Sasha for a long time, we lov...
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Kate Khristenko

You are going to have a baby! "Your daughter has died." Katyusha's parents heard these words on the telephone line just one year before her birth. Their grown daughter had died in a car crash; she was 19 years old. Loneliness, grief, and emptiness set in at their home. But a few months lat...
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Anastasiya Smirnova

I will draw myself a wheelchair! My name is Anastasiya Dmitrievna Smirnova. I am 17 years old. When I was 2 1/2 years old, I was diagnosed with spinal muscular amyotrophy type 3. The doctors said I would live at most 2 months. But the prognoses of the doctors, luckily, did not come true. I developed...
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If you are interested in the story of a particular child you can contact us for the additional information.
Contact us for any questions!

О проекте

The project 500for500 is intended to be the sociallysignificant in the Age of the celebration of the Anniversaryof the Reformation.

On our website we will post the stories of the children,who are seriouslyill or in the difficult life situations. We appeal to everyone, whom the idea of the Reformation is close to,to join our project!

We set ourselves the goal to change lives of 500 children bythe year of the celebration of the Reformation. We believe that only by joining our efforts we will manage to reach this goal.

The stories of all the children whom we have helped and also all the financial reports will be posted on our website.

If you are interested in the story of a particular child contact us, we will answer all your questions.Our e-mail:

500for500 is the project that we can accomplish together!

How we can do it:


To transfer the offering to the account of the project.

We suggest the amount of 500 rubles or any other currencyamount according to the date of the Jubilee. It might be less or more – any donation is very valuable.

To process the monthlypayment.

Everymonth you will receive the notification about the debiting some amount of moneyfrom your account for the project –you can stop this function at everymoment.
the amount
choosing the payment method
the payment

5.Our 5 principles:

We keep safe carefully a story of each family. Your stories will not be in the hands of hackers.
We post the photos of the children - it is very important for those who donate to see the child whom they are helping.
We will send you an answer to your request within two weeks
We are making the decision whether to take the child in tow or not collectively - in such a way we undertake acommitment for a non-judgmental approach to a child.
We treat carefullyyour and our reputation, therefore please, make sure you provide us with all the payment documents.

Ask for help

We will answer you withing 2 weeks whether we post your story and request or not.
What is needed:
  1. last name, first name of the child.
  2. a request to us (what is needed)
  3. a small story of a child and a family
  4. Have you applied to other funds? (if yes - what funds and with what requests)
  5. where did you find out about the opportunity to apply to us?
  6. a photo of the child
Bank details

Bank details

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About the Reformation

Reformation (lat.reformatio - correction, improvement, reforming) - is a wide religious and socio-political movement of the 16th - the beginning of 17th centuries in Western and Central Europe, focused on the reforming of the catholic christianity according to the Bible.

The beginning of the Reformation is generally identified with the doctor of theology of Wittenberg University Martin Luther. On the 31st of October, 1517 he posted the 95 Theses on the Castle church in Wittenberg, in which he was against corruptions of the Catholicchurch and particularlyagainst the sale of indulgences.

From that very moment the ideas of the Reformation started to spread all over the world and the followers were called Lutherans and the church -the Lutheran church.

There are five main principles of the Reformation:

The first principle is Sola Scriptura ( „ByScripture alone”)

This principle is about the preeminent authority of the Bible.Of course,lutherans don't denythe teachings of the fathers of the church and another sources,but the Bible stands above all.

The second principle of the Reformation is Sola fide (“Byfaith alone”).

This principle is about the fact that forgiveness is given to a man regardless of good deeds and acts.It is a central question of our theology.In our understanding faith doesn't depend on good deeds,but good deeds are the result of faith.

The third principle of the Reformation is Sola gratia ( “byGrace alone”). Salvation comes as undeserved mercy,as a present that God gives to a man.

The fourth principle of the Reformation is Solus Christus (“In Christ alone”).Jesus Christ is the onlyMediator between God and man. A clear and simple understanding of this doctrine leads to a simple and clear christian life.

The fifth principle of the Reformation is Soli Deo gloria (“gloryto God alone”) .It says that a man must worship onlyGod,that gloryand honor must be given to God.

Besides that, with the development of the lutheranism there have been changes in the worldview of people and as a consequence there have been changes in the world politics.

Relying on these principles and social responsibilitywe started this project 500for500 bythe Jubilee of the Reformation

You can also make a request for help in our project